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I'm ill - Walli

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Aug. 24., 2007 | 07:14 pm
location: At home
mood: sad sad
music: Kanjani8 - Osaka Rainy Blues

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Haha that's a Wallpaper with my Friend Yui and me!
I'm the girl with the brown hair XD

I decided to make my posts in GermanIsh. That meens half English & halb German XD

T_T Das is so kacke!! So ein hammer Wetter und wer is krank?
Immer werd ich krank wenn wir hammer Wetter haben und wenns dann regnet ja dann gehts der Rika wieder prächtig -.-
Naja...kann man nix machen T_T

A~h ayamachi-chan is going to make me a Maru Renjaa Plushie!!!!
Arigatou ne aya-cha~~~n!!!
I will make you your sushi^^

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